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3 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

When dealing with a fleet of mobile devices – large or small – the IT department’s goal is to simplify as much of the management of the Mobile Device Managementfleet as possible. This means finding a solution that will aid in resolving user issues quickly, track whereabouts of a remote device, and make it easy to maintain them (think software upgrades, device configuration, regular maintenance, and so on).  It’s also a convenient and secure way to keep track of resources users access and locating/securing lost devices.

Mobile device management (MDM) software has lifted a huge weight off the shoulders of IT with its ability to accomplish all of that, and then some, particularly with the growing popularity of personal devices being used in the workplace. MDM puts IT administrators in a stronger position in terms of managing what users can access on these devices and ensuring that when they are connected to the corporate network they are connected securely. In a nutshell, MDM:

  • Makes device deployment quick and easy
  • Allows IT to securely manage business applications & data
  • Reduces instances of device downtime with better overall management
  • Simplifies the security and management of all endpoints

When it comes to choosing the right tool, we tend to recommend SOTI MobiControl. Not only because SOTI has been a market leader with a solid reputation for designing reliable applications, but because we’ve selected it for our own software application, MCE, and have put it to the test for a number of years.SOTI MobiControl Logo

There are many reasons why SOTI is a smart choice, but here are the top 3 reasons why we (and PC Magazine) find SOTI MobiControl to be one of the best mobile device management tools available on the market today:

Eliminate Downtime
When dealing with a variety of devices, whether run on Android™, Apple® iOS, or Microsoft Windows® operating systems, SOTI MDM makes remote troubleshooting, chat and file sync easy to conduct when trying to diagnose app or device issues. And don’t forget about printers and Windows CE devices; remote functionality is available for those as well.

Secure and Manage
Because today’s environment means mobile devices are more critical to an organization, it’s even more important to ensure corporate information and business applications are kept secure.  SOTI has designed in over-the-air features allowing administrators to install, configure, issue updates and even remove apps the company doesn’t want employees to access. Device connectivity, a popular problem among users in complex environments, can be automatically configured to make sure the user can always connect (3G/4G, WiFi, or to their VPN).

Simplify Mobile Device Management
MobiControl’s user interface has been improved for both mobility and IoT deployments with more friendly search options and information (in real time) about any device or endpoint on the network.  This is especially helpful to users with a mixed-use environment.

If the concept of remote device management is appealing to you, then it’s time to take the next step: learning more. Find out how much it’s helped us help our customers – and see if MDM is right for you.