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A faster, easier way to manage mobile devices

Mobility Edge

If you’re an IT Manager, you totally get it.

If you’re not in IT, you probably still get it, but for totally different reasons.

The topic is seamless integration of mobile devices, and successful deployment in a world where change is the only constant. For an IT department, anything that can be done to make it a little easier to provision, deploy, track and manage mobile devices on any given day is priceless.  In particular, we’re talking about:

  • Rapid development, testing, provisioning and deployment
  • Fast access to the latest O/S security patches
  • Tools to optimize productivity and drive efficiency
  • Forward-compatibility and future-proof solutions

Another important area of focus is extending the life of our technology to reduce the impact on businesses from a cost and labor standpoint.  We’re constantly having to upgrade and download revisions to keep devices security, responsive, and current, but that all takes time and money to execute.

The Revolution of Mobility Edge™
Honeywell has been addressing technology integration and update issues with customers for years, and recently launched what they call Mobility Edge™, which is a flexible, scalable platform that reduces the complexity of integrating new technology as well as extends the lifecycle of mobile deployments.

Not only does this platform offer an easier way to manage and support existing mobile devices, it also provides the necessary flexibility that a warehouse, DC or manufacturing plant needs to configure and deploy additional device form factors and classes without the added cost of development or certification to allow them to communicate seamlessly.

Additional benefits of Mobility Edge include:

  • Peace of mind via security patch support and Honeywell’s Cyber Security capabilities
  • Reduced TCO via enterprise lifecycle with HW, SW and OS support through 2025

In a previous article about Mobility Edge, we focused on the efficiencies for both users and IT managers.  Some of the key takeaways from that article include:

  • Ease of integration
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Maximize product life
  • Anywhere, anytime connectivity

To get the full picture, download this Honeywell infographic.

Other considerations:

  • Windows OS is still viable for existing apps, but we are running against the clock
  • Android OS is quickly becoming the preferred choice based on user demographic and business needs evolving
  • Honeywell offerings provide transition choices for customers
  • Honeywell service plans deliver enterprise device lifespan support

For more information about making the transition from Windows to Android, or how to reduce the amount of time onboarding new devices or updating old ones, reach out to our sales specialists for advice.