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eCom Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computer

If you’ve been searching for a mobile computer that works in potentially explosive environments, you know that most devices rely on outmoded technology. Now Honeywell and eCom have put an end to that frustration by introducing the i.roc® Ci70-Ex intrinsically safe PDA.

This revolutionary new device was designed specifically for use in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as other environments that require intrinsically safe computing, including:

  • Oil rigs & RefinerieseCom i.roc Ci70
  • Gasoline storage and dispensing
  • Fuel service areas
  • Liquified petroleum or gas
  • Magnesium and aluminum production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paint & Chemicals
  • Dry cleaning plants
  • Grain elevators
  • Flour and feed mills
  • Fireworks
  • Spices, sugars and cocoa
  • Coal
  • Cosmetics

Most Certifications of Any Similar Device

The i.roc® Ci70-Ex boasts more certifications than any other device, including:

  • ATEX Europe
  • Inmetro Brazil
  • Explolabs (South Africa)
  • IECx International
  • ETL (North America)
  • MSHA (US Mining)
  • THS (Japan)

The global certifications enable you to use the same device all over the world, increasing productivity worldwide and reducing your total investment in devices, accessories and support.

Use Cases You will find the i.roc® Ci70-Ex to be an excellent choice throughout your operation. The device works well for equipment installation, inspection and maintenance and on construction sites, oil rigs, production plants—anywhere you need to capture data safely, securely and accurately.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

The i.roc® Ci70-Ex uses Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3, so your team will be familiar with its operation right from the start. Users can navigate using a stylus or their fingers—even when wearing gloves. It also comes with a QWERTY keyboard or a numeric keyboard with large function keys, so you can configure it for maximum efficiency in your operation. The backlit keyboard automatically adjusts brightness depending on ambient light, offering readability under almost any lighting conditions.

The ergonomic design of the scan handle allows users to hold the device comfortably, and it can be easily snapped on or off to increase the device’s flexibility. Multiple docking station configurations allow the device or a spare battery to charge when not in use, and provide USB connectivity for adding peripherals. The case is manufactured using Gorilla Glass® for durability and long life, helping you to continue to earn ROI well into the future.

Best Technical Specs in the Industry

The i.roc® Ci70-Ex is based on the Honeywell CN70, a workhorse handheld computer known for its technical advantages. It combines wireless networking protocols, including WWAN, WLAN and Bluetooth 2.1 in a single device for maximum connectivity and ease of communication whether in the plant or at a remote site.

To simplify essential business functions such as inventory management; asset management; warehousing and logistics; or maintenance and service, the i.roc® Ci70-Ex can be easily integrated with enterprise business applications such as ERP, PLM or invoicing.

Safety First

Not only is the i.roc® Ci70-Ex suitable for use in explosive environments, it also has built in GPS services that can help you locate lost or injured employees quickly so rescue teams can reach them faster.

Looking for advice to further enhance operations in your hazardous or explosive environment? Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, and we’ll provide you with recommendations that include safe solutions to boost productivity and increase profitability.