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Flexibility for Forklift Operators

VM1A Vehicle Mount

With the help of technology, forklift operators have gone from being thought of as material-handling personnel to captains of a mobile information machine that can move about the warehouse equipped with computing power, barcode scanning capabilities, RFID technology and more to streamline workflows and take the complexity out of every day tasks.

With the ingenuity of mobile computing, vehicle-mount computers provide valuable benefits:

  • Powerful, flexible and application-expandable solutions
  • The latest innovative technology to provide rapid value for warehouse workflows
  • Solid, robust designs that keep productivity up and maintenance costs low
  • Various touchscreen display sizes to meet unique vehicle and user requirements

Advance Process Efficiency with Honeywell Innovation

Honeywell’s Thor™ family of vehicle-mounted computers enable forklift operators to improve day-to-day tasks with the ability to reduce the amount of times they are getting off and on the vehicle throughout the shift.

The newest member in the Honeywell family of vehicle-mounted computers is the Thor VM1A.  This Android™-based device combines all the user-friendly functionality and easy-to-maintain features of the Thor VM1 and CV41 models, housed on the Honeywell Mobility Edge™ platform.  Mobility Edge is a scalable platform that accelerates application development and improves the process of configuration, installation and deployment of devices.  This, in turn, helps to optimize performance and extend the lifecycle of your mobile computing device, not to mention that the operating system is upgradable from Android O to Android R.

When you choose a mobile computer for material-handling applications that require a vehicle to carry out transactions, the benefits include:

  • Increased workflow productivity with vehicle tracking & status
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • More efficient operations (i.e., order fulfillment, inventory accuracy)
  • Real-time tracking of productivity, information and more

Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanners

Coupled with a barcode scanner for forklift applications, material-handling tasks are exponentially optimized.  Data collection workflows are enhanced when operators can easily capture data with a long-range, handheld wireless scanner.  Whether they need to collect the data from items located on shelves, pallets or containers, the task is easily accomplished without the need to leave the vehicle. Industrial handheld scanners offer a design that is specifically suited to harsh environments (bumps, drops, changes in temperature, etc.) without compromising durability and reliability throughout the shift. For more information on the Thor VM1 or general questions about optimizing your warehouse operations, please contact us.