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Handheld Scanning: The Next Generation

Controlling workflow efficiency is an effort that requires a combination of tactics for it to be successful.  Training, processes and technology Handheld Scanning: The Next Generationare the focus areas, but variability is the one piece that’s more difficult to control.  Take poorly printed 1D or 2D barcodes, for example.  If an employee has had the proper training, follows the process and is using the right technology, then facing the challenge of scanning a damaged barcode should not slow them down. However, if the device struggles to scan accurately, seconds add up over time and eventually impact quality and production goals.

Next Gen Scanning
The technology of handheld scanning just keeps getting better, and the next generation Honeywell Xenon XP 2D imager is no exception.  The XP taps into all the handheld scanning hot buttons for industrial applications, and brings exceptional quality and reliability beyond expectations. 

Uptime: It may be enough to know that the XP offers a full-shift Lithium-ion battery, but even better is the fact that Honeywell is currently the only manufacturer who offers a battery-free handheld scanner as well; saving you a minimum of $38 on every battery that would have otherwise been replaced.

Durability: Tumbles and drops are the XP’s specialty.  Rugged design is truly what sets a device like this apart from a lower-cost competitor.  Industrial applications are fast-paced, high-volume opportunities for bangs and bumps, drops and crashes.  This device has been approved for at least 2,000 half-meter tumbles (approx. 1.5 feet), and 50 drops to concrete at nearly 1.8m (nearly 6 feet) vs. leading competitors who offer ‘multiple drops’ as their limit.

Speed: In today’s climate, every second counts.  Faster throughput means higher productivity and more shipments out the door.  The XP is so responsive, it lives for hard-to-read barcodes; in fact, performance is nearly twice what it was on the first generation when it comes to poorly printed or damaged codes.  

Scanning Distance:  Select from available HD and SR focused engines to maximize depth of field and overall scan performance.

Xenon 1900/1902 Retirement
If you’re already using the Xenon, then upgrading will be a snap. All accessories are compatible as well.  Here are some important dates to be aware of as they begin to retire the Xenon 1900/1902:   

  • The last time you can buy a 1900 is July 31, 2019.
  • The last time you can buy a 1902 is targeted for August 2019.

If you’d like to learn more, discuss plans on transitioning from the 190X to the 195X, or are interested in checking out the XP scanner, please contact us.

If you’ve been searching for a more reliable, durable scanning device then now is a great time to try a Honeywell product.  Place your order for your Xenon XP today and start realizing greater benefits.