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Healthcare-Ready, Mobile Flexibility: The Captuvo SL42h

Captuvo Sled

Available for Apple iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad mini™, Honeywell’s Captuvo enterprise ‘sled’ is a device that provides data collection capability and easily attaches to your iPhone 7, 6 and 6s. The Captuvo Sled integrates quality barcode scanning ability with a disinfectant-ready housing designed to stand up to the chemicals used to clean hand-held devices in a healthcare environment.

The Captuvo not only protects your Apple device, but it also offers additional features to improve worker productivity and level of service to patients. Here are a few user benefits:

  • Reduces the number of devices needed to effectively care for patients
  • Integrated barcode scanner allows clinicians to quickly and accurately scan barcodes
  • Captuvo allows the Apple device to draw additional power from it to gain even more uptime
  • In an environment where the device is exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, the Captuvo enterprise sled offers an optional disinfectant-ready plastic housing and sealed screen protector
  • Rugged housing provides additional protection in the event of drops

Improve Patient Care & Provider Productivity

Texting has become part of the landscape in a healthcare environment. That means that clinicians and administrators are using their smartphones constantly.  This new level of communication has helped improve overall efficiency of patient care and ensures that clinicians are in the right place at the right time.

Because of increased use of smartphones in this environment, users are carrying more devices than ever before. Pagers, VOIP phones, bar code scanners, voice pendants, and other hardware can really weigh them down (literally!). Minimizing the number of devices means patients can receive better quality care from a provider who is not burdened with juggling several technology devices.  By attaching the Captuvo Sled to an Apple device, the healthcare clinician’s job is optimized, with the ability to:

  • Receive calls
  • Send secure text messages
  • Scan the barcodes on meds, patient wristband, blood bag, or chart
  • Enter patient information right into the EMR system
  • Receive and respond to alarms and alerts

Data Collection Made Simple

When the Captuvo Sled is snapped on to the existing iPhone, users gain the additional feature of barcode scanning. This frees up space on the WOW (workstation on wheels) and allows the patient wristband to be scanned with the built-in barcode scanner on the device.  And with barcode scanning built into the Captuvo Sled, that means there are no cords or scanning equipment to work around bedside tables, trip over in tight spaces, or get in the way of patients and providers.

If the user is already familiar with how an Apple device operates, then training on the Captuvo Sled is a snap. With easy access to patient data and drug information and ability to quickly communicate with physicians and co-workers, it empowers users to make better, faster decisions.

Benefits of an All-in-One Mobile Device

  • Communications are fast and easy; eliminates the need to run back to the nurse’s station or office to deliver a page or make a call
  • IT departments are already overburdened, so these converged devices can reduce workload and minimize costs
  • Operates on Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms
  • Extended battery life lasts an entire shift
  • Rugged enough to withstand bumps, drops and harsh cleaning agents

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