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Zebra Barcode Labels and Supplies

Very often we see warehouse and distribution centers holding on to old industrial barcode printers because technically, they are still doing their job. Therefore, managers don’t think the cost of buying a new printer is justified. But, the mentality of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” could actually be COSTING you money instead of saving you money. Although old barcode printers may seem reliable right now, there are 5 critical areas you should evaluate to see if upgrading to new printer is worth it:

Mechanical Design
Feature Set
Repairs & Maintenance



Print speed is a major attribute when it comes to barcode printing devices. Faster is better, as long as print quality is satisfactory. Today’s industrial barcode printers are smart, fast and incredibly efficient. Depending on the application, and the media you’re using, you may be holding yourself back from faster throughput if you’re operating with a printer over 3 years old. With many at print speeds of up to 12ips, these workhorse devices can run circles around your existing model. Why plug and chug to save a few bucks? Chances are you’re spending more time waiting on labels when you could be moving product out the door with a faster, smarter printer.

Rugged Materials

You already know that thermal printers are extremely reliable and offer very few moving parts. In a rugged environment, like your warehouse, durability and reliability are attributes that can either make or break your output goals. We often suggest Honeywell printers for this very reason. They take ruggedness to the next level with a gear-driven, belt-less design that’s built to go the distance – 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week. The modular construction of a device like the Honeywell PX940 provides customers with error-free precision printing. That means 100% defect-free labels, increasing production efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

Feature Set

Today’s devices are ‘smart’, meaning you can run your applications from the printer, control operation of other peripherals, and no longer need to worry about it being connected to a PC or laptop. In terms of connectivity, you’re given more flexibility than ever before. And how about remote device management? Now that’s a major advantage I bet your old printer doesn’t possess.


Space is always at a premium, but historically, smaller printers meant compromising speed and reliability. If you’re dealing with a tight space and your printer is consuming most of it, then you’d probably benefit from the innovation of a smaller device with as much moxie as a full-size printer. And if flexibility is on your list of ‘must haves’, then consider a device that can easily operate in most any orientation. That means you can mount it on a wall, manufacturing line or mobile cart — upside down, under a shelf – any way you like.

Repairs & Maintenance

Perform a quick calculation of the repair costs over the last year – perform those repairs yourself? Great, calculate the time spent and be sure to include the downtime as well. It adds up quickly – maintenance on older models increases every 8-12 months, so you’re looking at compounding those costs over the long haul.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot to consider. But whether you need a high-performance industrial printer, a mid-range device, desktop or mobile, consider a solution that will best meet your needs without the hassle of downtime and integration issues. If you’re looking for a provider than can give you the inside scoop, and steer you in a more cost-effective direction, we offer only the best, industry-leading industrial barcode label, ticket and tag printers to handle any type of application, from commercial to rugged. We make deployment fast and efficient so your workers don’t have to miss a beat and your operation can flow smoothly

Choose Honeywell industrial barcode printers and experience:

Quick & easy setup and integration – plus recently enhanced ZPL II® emulation support on most models
Intuitive interfaces utilizing full-color touchscreens or intelligent icon interfaces
Fast print speeds of up to 12 inches per second – no more “waiting around” for labels
Simple maintenance and easy media replacement (genuine Honeywell media helps printer longevity!)

Ready to explore the advantages to today’s technology?

We offer competitive pricing for rugged Honeywell printers and our experienced account managers can find the perfect printer for you. Give us a call and we’ll help you navigate the models to determine which one would be best for your application. 877-331-7427.

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