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Mobility Edge — Your Mobility Next Best Friend

Mobility Edge

In more recent years, the value of using mobile devices in the enterprise has become crystal clear. The ability to carry out business operations at the point of work is extremely effective from a cost, productivity and safety standpoint.  It also helps increase competitive position, since mobile workers can produce more than their desktop-using counterparts due to the flexibility of data collection and access to real-time information.

As any IT professional would attest, the problem with all the available technology today is the wide variety of devices that can be used. From smartphones to tablets and other mobile computing devices, deployment and integration has always been difficult due to the different operating systems, complexity of handling upgrades, and the degree to which these devices can satisfy the requirements of the application (think durability, ruggedness, reliability). With Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, configuration, deployment and integration of mobile devices have become simpler.

Key Benefits of Mobility Edge:

Simplifies integration. To be competitive today, you’ve got to have the technology to help your enterprise improve operations.  The downside is that many organizations have a number of devices that have difficulty communicating with each other.  Mobility Edge offers a common platform for mobile technology based on the Android OS, making integration, deployment and future upgrades much easier. This, in turn, helps reduce IT costs and headaches associated with managing and maintaining this equipment.

Optimizes Worker Performance. This powerful platform helps boost user productivity with a host of embedded tools that provide a fast and secure way to enhance communications, collect and receive data and facilitate an overall outstanding user experience.

Extend the product lifecycle. This repeatable and scalable platform helps future-proof your investment.  Patch releases and upgrades are easier to manage with devices that are engineered to last, so the burden lifts from the shoulders of your IT department and frees them up for other priorities of the business. The result is lower total cost of ownership and a smoother transition of future rollouts.

Mobile Connectivity. Connected workers are productive workers.  Mobility Edge helps keep employees and operations optimized, organized and cost effective.  Productive workers are happier workers, and happier workers mean happier customers.  And Mobility Edge is based on the Android OS, a platform many companies are moving toward.

From healthcare and T&L, to manufacturing and distribution, Mobility Edge maximizes operational efficiency and keeps businesses running. For more information about Mobility Edge, view this Honeywell video, then give us a call to see how Mobility Edge can help you.