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Naughty or nice, your workforce needs the efficiency of a total solution.

warehouse efficiencyWhen it comes to inventory management, it’s critical to have the right system in place to manage all the information you need to track, analyze and fulfill orders for the business.  If bottlenecks and weak processes are putting a damper on your holiday spirit, then consider working with a solution provider like Taylor Data to help.  Along with software and apps that improve productivity and accuracy, choosing the right hardware for the job makes all the difference when you’re looking for performance AND value. Consider these tips for choosing the right tools:

Barcode Label Printers….make label printing fast and easy when it’s a device suited to your application and when the appropriate media is being used (based on throughput and type of material to which the label will be affixed).  For example:

  • Desktop Printers are great for small and medium-sized businesses with low-volume requirements in a controlled environment (like an office or light duty commercial business).
  • Industrial Barcode Label Printers are ideal for fast-paced, high-volume environments like manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers. They can handle the load as well as the dust and dirt that goes along with it.
  • Mobile Printers are great for field sales and service, delivery, logistics and other applications outside the four walls. They keep workers on the go.

Handheld Barcode Scanners & Mobile Computers…run the gamut in terms of durability, scan range, ergonomics and use case.  For example:

  • A mobile computer with a keypad works great for users who prefer the touch of a key (long-time user) vs. a touchscreen (millennials). Or maybe a device like Honeywell’s CN80 that offers both!
  • Cold storage applications demand a mobile device that can withstand cold temperatures without draining the battery or fogging up the screen when moving from one location to another.
  • Handheld scanners for industrial use are designed to withstand drops to concrete and multiple users, whereas commercial scanners are great for items scanned in close proximity (like driver licenses or loyalty cards) in a controlled environment.

What about Software?

Since the hardware is virtually “dumb” without the software, choosing the right apps and operating system are critical.  This is probably the most difficult decision to make, and the expertise of a solution provider can steer you in the right direction.  At TDS, we have relationships with a number of software providers who all excel in their respective areas and offer the features needed to effectively perform necessary functions.

Make it a stress-free season!  Let us help you choose the right technology for your business and create a solution to increase productivity, control costs and empower your workers.  There are a lot of options!  We can recommend the right solution based on a few simple questions about your workflow.

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