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Small and Mighty: Honeywell’s New PC42d Desktop Printer

PC42t_DC_179Honeywell recently introduced a new entry to the desktop label printing entry level market. The PC42d comes in at a new lower price point with no sacrifice in performance. Addressing what Honeywell calls the “ultra entry-level” market, this new entry is affordable, extremely easy to use, and maintain while sporting a compact and user-friendly design.

Featuring one-hand operation with streamlined driver installation and calibration, the PC42d saves time on initial installation and makes it much easier for operators to change paper.   

The Honeywell PC42d printer is a powerful and reliable 4” desktop printer, ideal for a variety of low to-mid-intensity thermal printing applications. With retail price of around $100, this printer provides an excellent ROI (return on investment) with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) in its class. Deploy these printers across your environment and you’ll never have to worry about them.

Through acquisition of Datamax in 2015, Honeywell can tout over 40 years of thermal printing experience that translates into solutions that provide outstanding value. The PC42d desktop label printer is rugged, reliable.

When speed and reliability count, the PC42d is the right printer for the job. Reduce operating costs while providing timely and accurate orders to your customers. Because the printer is rugged, reliable and easy to maintain, your employees spend their time serving customers rather than fighting with troublesome equipment.

Best Application Environments

  • Large e-commerce (Alibaba/Amazon)
  • Courier companies, parcel post and other delivery service organizations
  • Retail and Wholesale distribution
  • Manufacturing process control environments
  • Third-party e-commerce warehousing
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Trade Shows, Associations and Membership Organizations for name badges and ID cards

Primary Applications

  • Electronic express logistics and waybills
  • Healthcare laboratory labels
  • Wristbands, ID badges and labels
  • Retail price tags and receipts
  • Distribution center routing labels
  • Boarding passes and other transportation industry applications

Advantages over Competitive Printers

  • Improved clarity and better density delivers highly readable documents
  • High-speed, thermal printing reduces wait time
  • The printer is stable in continuous printing mode
  • When necessary, can handle heavy printing load
  • Supports multiple languages and fonts so adaptable to most environments

Additional Advantages of the PC42d Thermal Printer

  • Compact and powerful – a perfect combination of economy and quality
  • Easy to use, maintain and service
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the industry

Important Features of the 4″ Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

  • Solid double-layer housing means durability and reliability in the harshest environment
  • One-hand opening and closing of the top means easy paper-loading even for inexperienced operators
  • Compatible with a wide range of thermal media ensures excellent printing results

If you’re looking for a solution to support your demanding label printing application, then it makes sense to talk with us today about Honeywell’s PC42d.