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Smart Printing with Built-In Barcode Verification

If ever there was an innovation in barcode label printing, this is one that will save many organizations the headaches and expenses that go along with printing poor-quality barcode labels. 

Honeywell has designed a barcode verifier feature into the PX940 series industrial labels printers to alert users with a pass/fail and ANSI Honeywell PX40 Printergrade from 1 to 4 on printed barcodes.  The printer will automatically void and re-print any labels that do not pass. The verification feature helps to reduce instances of non-compliance on regulatory standards or returned shipments due to the readability of the barcode.  Because fines are often associated with non-compliance, the convenience of having a barcode verifier built in will ensure 100% accuracy and keep costs under control.

Overall, having the PX940 series in your factory, warehouse or distribution center offers many benefits:

Built-in Label Verification
With Honeywell’s integrated label verification technology, you can count on printing labels accurately every time.  If quality of the barcode is lacking, the device will instantly notify you and provide ANSI grade.  The ability to print defect-free labels shift after shift means greater productivity.

Precise Printing for Small Labels
The trend toward smaller barcode labels is growing, and with it grows the concern for print quality.  The PX940 is great because of its precision printing capabilities, which virtually eliminates poor quality barcodes.

Smart Printing Makes the Job Easier
Save space and complexity with a smart printer that is capable of being configured directly on the device itself, without the need for a host computer.  This is part of what makes the PX940 easy to use and to maintain.  The touchscreen interface and easy-load design allows for intuitive operation, and maintenance is a snap with a built-in printhead cleaning routine for longer life.

Where does the PX940 Thrive?
The PX940 printers are suited for highly regulated processes where the quality of the barcodes being printed is critical to customer success. Here are a few examples of popular applications:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Healthcare
  • Distribution Centers
  • Industrial Manufacturers

The device also available without the integrated verifier, and both come standard with Bluetooth®.  To learn more about the PX940, or to see a demo, please contact us.