Top 7 Reasons to choose Zebra Mobile Devices Over Consumer Smartphones

Zebra TC22/27 Mobile ComputerIndustry giants use the latest enterprise mobile devices to give workers a competitive edge. Large companies understand the benefits and cost savings that enterprise grade devices provide over consumer smartphones. However, sometimes smaller to medium size companies think these devices won’t fit within their budget so they settle for running operations with consumer smartphones, which weren’t designed for working environments and really don’t provide the features most businesses need. This puts smaller businesses at a competitive disadvantage when it shouldn’t. Today, Zebra Technologies offers enterprise grade mobile devices at prices competitive to consumer smartphones and it’s a product worth looking into.

Meet the Equalizer

Zebra’s TC22/TC27 mobile computers are the latest addition to the successful TC2x Series, providing all the latest features your business needs to level the playing field and make it easier to compete. From manufacturing to the warehouse or to field service, this durable device has it all — a next-generation processor, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, CBRS and private 5G networks, a large 6″ display you can see indoors and outside, fast first-time every time capture of barcodes in any condition with an integrated scanner, support for tap-to-pay and non-payment contactless transactions, battery power for the longest shift, accessories that make every job easier, plus proven solutions that add new capabilities that allow users to do more.

Zebra Mobile Devices are Built to Outlast Consumer Devices

Customers want the most value out of their devices and Zebra Mobile devices like the TC22 and TC27 are enterprise grade phones that deliver. The durable specifications, simplified management, long product lifecycle, tools that boost productivity and business-class support services are built to last 2-3 years longer than consumer devices which cuts your Total Cost of Ownership almost in half.

The Smartphone-Style Device That’s Made for Work

Applications run at lightning speed, thanks to the next generation processor and class-leading memory. Users will see more and scroll less with the advanced 6 in. FHD+ display. Support through Android 16 ensures you won’t outgrow the operating system. When it comes to durability, these devices are built to handle it all — rain, snow, dust and accidental drops — even into water. And Corning® Gorilla® Glass protects the display and scanner exit window. Consumer smartphones are built and intended for consumer use, not the working environments found in manufacturing, shipping, warehouse, and field service. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight and make sure you are using hardware that is intended to be used in your specific work application.

Loaded with Business-class Scanning Features

Choose the range standard or advanced range that can capture barcodes as far as 40 ft. Dedicated scan buttons enable easy one-handed operation. No need to line up the barcode and scanner with omni-directional scanning – just point and shoot. Capture virtually any barcode in any condition in a split second. The result? Workers can capture barcodes in nearly half the time, with half the muscle work, increasing comfort and productivity. Consumer phone cameras just can’t compete.

Battery Power for Every Minute of Every Workday

Choose from a standard single shift battery or an extended multi-shift battery. Since the batteries are removable, workers are never out of power, and they never need to take the TC22/TC27 out of service for charging. Consumer phones often require purchasing a completely new device when battery life starts to fail.

The Wireless Speeds Your Business Needs

Devices can only function as fast as their wireless connections allow· and with support for all of today’s fastest wireless networks, the wireless connection won’t slow down workers. The TC22/TC27 supports 5G, Wi-Fi 6/6E, private 5G and CBRS private 5G and 4G LTE networks. Can your consumer phone keep up?

Get More for Your Money with Zebra Mobile Devices

When it comes to total value, consumer phones lose. You can add the functionality of five additional devices -a two-way radio, a PBX handset, a workstation, an RFID reader, and a hybrid Point-of-Sale that can be set up anywhere. And with Mobility DNA Professional, users get powerful software tools to increase device security and simplify deployment, everyday device management and data capture – all at no cost.

Other TC22/27 Benefits – The Details

Get the boost you need to compete with the TC22/TC27 — the smartphone style workers want, and the features your business needs, all at an affordable price.

  • TC22/TC27 boasts 6”, 32% larger display, 10% thinner, tougher IP68 compared to TC21/TC26
  • Offers a choice of standard SE4710 or advanced range SE55 scan engines.
  • Ensures future proofing with Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, CBRS (US band only), Qualcomm 5430 2.1 GHz Multi-Core Processor
  • Brings unique value-adds: Workstation Connect, mobile payment, and mobile/hybrid POS, Apple VAS + Google Smart Tap for ticketing/membership cards, and RFID capability (eConnex +RFD40 or RFD90)
  • Get a built-in advantage with no-cost Mobility DNA Professional or maximize device functionality, workforce productivity and user experience with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license

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The Zebra TC22/27 is a likely fit for your business application and will undoubtably outperform any consumer grade smartphones that may be deployed in your business operations. Speak with a Taylor Data Systems Account Executive today to get more information and to receive a detailed quote. Contact us.