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At all places where flammable substances are produced, processed, transported or stored, safety is extremely important – especially in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, in oil and natural gas production and in mining. That’s why Taylor Data offers ecom’s Intrinsically Safe devices that ensure that the risk of an explosion is completely eliminated. ecom’s devices not only pass all safety certifications but they’re high quality, durable, and long-lasting. Contact Taylor Data Systems for more info on Intrinsically Safe devices.

ecom i.roc Ci70-Ex

The i.roc® Ci70 -Ex mobile computer combines the widest range of global approvals for use in hazardous environments, from ATEX through IECEx to NEC, so that the use and integration of different devices on different continents is no longer required. Therefore, it defines the new industry standard for an intrinsically safe handheld computer solution.
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ecom Tab-Ex 01 Series

ecom‘s hazardous area tablet, the Tab-Ex® 01, brings a new level of customer focused solutions and increased ease of use to mobile workers in Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and other hazardous industries. Recognizing that many work tasks are performed in both nonhazardous and hazardous areas, ecom is offering an entire family of compatible tablets, peripherals and accessories suitable for worldwide use in Zone 1/21 & DIV 1, Zone 2 / DIV 2, and rugged environments.
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Honeywell CK65

Honeywell CK65

Can your existing mobile computing device meet the demands of today’s workload?  Today’s technology has exceeded industry expectations with ability to increase worker productivity, reduce fatigue and empower employees across operations.  The CK65 doesn’t disappoint. This rugged, powerful workhorse is designed to streamline workflows and increase accuracy with battery life lasting two full shifts.  Benefits include:

  • Honeywell Mobility Edge (unified platform)
  • Android OS support from O thru R (future-proof)
  • Next gen features larger screen & increased drop spec
  • Successor to the CK3R, CK3X and some CK75 use-cases   

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Honeywell CT60

Honeywell CT60

Also built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, the Dolphin™ CT60 ensures quick deployment, high reliability and superior performance without compromising security.  This is a rugged device that’s designed to go where you go — inside the four walls or out in the field.  Even though this device packs a powerful punch, you’ll be surprised at the sleek, lightweight form factor — which fits perfectly right in your pocket.  High-speed data capture on both linear and 2D barcodes boosts worker productivity, and is available with an optional pistol-grip to reduce wrist fatigue.
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