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PRODUCTS: Labels & Tags


Before you purchase media for your barcode printer, ask yourself these questions…

A lot is riding on the reliability of your barcode label printer. Making sure you are using quality materials suited to your environment is key to getting the most value out of your media (and your printer). Before you purchase labels or tags, as yourself these questions:

  1. What type of print technology are you using?
  2. Does your application require tags or labels?
  3. Will the items being labeled (or tagged) be located indoors or outdoors?
  4. What size labels or tags do you need (width (across printhead) and length)?
  5. Will they be exposed to direct sunlight?
  6. Will they be exposed to moisture?
  7. What is the average lifespan of the labels and tags for your application?
  8. Are there any customer-specific requirements?
  9. Do you need white or colored (flood coated)?
  10. How many will you need printed per day/shift
  11. Do you prefer a roll or fanfold

If your application is new, or if you aren’t quite sure of the answers to these questions, we can help you determine the best type of material based on your usage.

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