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Each month our news updates offer industry insight, new products and solutions, handy tips and promotions.  Keep checking back for the latest release!

June 2019 News
Add a splash of color to your warehouse with flood-coated labels. For a quick and easy way to spruce up your inventory racks, warehouse floor, or pallet areas, then these labels are a smart choice. Flood coating means that the label runs border to border with color ensuring a smooth, even coat on every…read more

May 2019 News
Are you ready to make the move from paper-and-pen-based operations to full-on, automated tracking and handling of inventory and finished goods? If so, then this month’s blog is a good one to read. We’ll talk about key considerations that will help the decision-making process, and what to look for…read more

April 2019 News
Spring is a great time to evaluate your technology needs in the warehouse.  If you’re looking to optimize workflow, improve worker productivity or simply looking for expert advice, we can conduct an onsite evaluation of your processes and work with you to…read more 

March 2019 News
RFID technology has very specific benefits that can yield big savings, and can be a time-saving technology from both a worker productivity and inventory tracking and management standpoint. Read more about the advantages of RFID, myth busters and…read more

February 2019 News
Extending the life of your mobile device, in addition to enhanced security, are two reasons why Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform is a smart choice for your handheld mobile computers. Learn more about Mobility Edge and the efficiency it can bring to your operations…read more

January 2019 News
Material handling tasks can be time consuming without the right technology in place. If vehicle operators are driving around the warehouse without the benefit of mobile computing power, the time is now to consider making an investment that will save money while giving workers a boost in productivity…read more

December 2018 News
Honeywell recently announced the end-of-life plans for the PM4i industrial label printer, which will no longer be available after December 31st of 2019, so there’s time to put your migration strategy together and we can help…read more

November 2018 News
Now through December 31, 2018 you can trade in your outdated mobile devices and save up to $200 toward newer, modern Honeywell technology. Consider this when you consider moving over Honeywell’s latest family of devices…read more 

October 2018 News
October is National Cyber Security Month. Nearly half of all small businesses experience a cyber-attack of some magnitude, and today’s attackers are finding more sophisticated ways to get into our networks.  If you’re not prepared and have not taken steps to protect your networks and associated devices, hackers can rob you not only of bank assets, but customer and employee data and other important information…read more 

September 2018 News
Too many helpdesk tickets? Try remote device management. The ability to manage mobile devices remotely is a convenient, cost-saving way to maintain control over your working assets. Some of the tasks that are made easy with MDM include…read more