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In manufacturing, wasted time and “invisible” materials means lost profit. Barcode, RFID and Tracking Technologies allow you to track your assets, your work in process and your employees, providing up-to-date information for your critical decision-making.

In a typical manufacturing facility, materials and supplies are immediately entered into a tracking system on the receiving dock. Barcode labels or RFID tags are printed and attached before the items are stored or moved to the processing plant, allowing you to:

  • Increase productivity by better managing workforce deployment
  • Ensure consistent standards of work
  • Maintain stock levels without shortages or expensive overstocking
  • Monitor workflow to identify bottlenecks or process delays
  • Decrease downtime and increase safety

The overall result is more streamlined process and optimized operation where you no longer have to wait for supplies to be delivered or look through a warehouse for missing parts. Your customers are satisfied with the product and the timeline for receiving it.