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From application software development to hardware integration and implementing automated processes to replace manual ones, our customers have learned as much from us as we have from them.  On this page we will be highlighting whitepapers, application and solution briefs, testimonials and more so you can learn from others who may very well have the same types of challenges and obstacles in their business that you’re having in yours. 

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Solution Brief: Improving Efficiency in the Warehouse

TDS Warehousing Solutions Brief Image Streamlining workflow processes in the warehouse are a necessary part of bringing greater efficiency to your business and to your workforce.  With data collection automation being one of the most important functions in terms of maintaining efficient flow of goods from one location to another, and subsequently out the door to the customer, it’s critical to ensure that key strategies are followed to maximize the team effort. This best practice guide takes you through current trends, technologies to consider and the importance of understanding the advantages of the modern operating platform: Android.  [read more]

Mobile Operating System Transition: Insights & Considerations

Mobile OS Transition Taylor Data SystemsA shift in the mobile operating system landscape has occurred over the last several years. The transition from legacy Windows® is well underway. While there remain several distinct choices on the roadmap, the tradeoffs and compromises associated with each have become clearer. This paper will elaborate on these points and provide the reader with guidance on recommended solutions..  [read more]