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Taylor Data has the experts you need when it comes to helping you determine if RFID is a suitable solution in your operating environment. If RFID is a feasible solution for your tracking needs then we can help you configure the best mix and set-up for RFID devices from the industry leaders.

Impinj R420

Impinj R420 / R220

With the largest installed base of fixed readers across a diverse range of applications, the Speedway R420 (4 port) and R220 (2 port) readers deliver market-leading performance, quality, flexibility and reliability for companies who use RAIN RFID to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. These readers have exclusive operational modes for high throughput, high tag density use cases, and patented AutoPilot capability to automatically optimize performance.
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Impinj xPortal Gateway

Impinj xPortal Gateway

The lightweight and low profile xPortal gateway solves the size and mounting limitations of traditional portals, making it ideal for monitoring items, pallets or equipment passing through doorways, hallways, dock doors or other zonal coverage areas. A single xPortal gateway has a field of view up to 700 ft2 (65 m2), extend coverage with multiple gateways.
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