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Zebra Technologies Product Portfolio

Mobile Computers, Tablets & Scanners

Zebra’s portfolio of mobile computers and scanners delivers reliable, rugged designs and built-in business intelligence to help you work more productively, efficiently, and accurately. A Taylor Data Systems account rep can review your application processes and help you find the best device to simply your workflows, capture more data with greater accuracy, and transform your mobile operations with the industry’s most revolutionary technologies.

Zebra TC52, TC56, TC57

TC52/TC56/TC57 Computers

Run the latest business apps with enterprise-class processing power, Android simplicity, and an easy-to-use touch-screen interface. Seamlessly capture 1D/2D barcodes, form data, signatures, documents, and more with full-shift battery power for up to 14 hours.
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Zebra MC9400

MC9400 Touch Mobile Computer

The MC9400 is the next evolution of the worlds #1 selling rugged mobile computer. Perfect for warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, paper, steel, energy and utilities, the MC9400 offers extended range scanning, 5G & Wi-fi 6E connectivity, Qualcomm Platform, and keyboard touch.  
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Zebra MC9300

MC9300 Touch Mobile Computer

This next-generation Android industrial handheld computer and scanner provides ultra-rugged computing and scanning, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, full-shift battery life, and touch screen simplicity. The MC9300 keypad also makes business apps easy to use. 
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Zebra TC72, TC77

TC72/TC77 Touch Computers

This ultimate all-touch computer and scanner is housed in a rugged smartphone-sized design and offers rugged durability for indoor or outdoor use with sunlight readability, full-shift battery power, fast 1D/2D data capture, and a multi-mode touch screen that works even when wet.
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Zebra TC8300

TC8300 Touch Computer

Increase productivity by 14% per worker and enable 40% faster data entry with 60% fewer errors. The revolutionary TC800 combines a 1D/2D barcode scanner with touch mobile computing and a tilt-free design for maximum efficiency and ergonomics 
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Zebra L10 Windows Tablets

L10 Series Tablets

Ultra-rugged magnesium-frame tablets offer military-grade durability, octa-core processing, more memory, and optional built-in 1D/2D barcode scanning. L10 Series tablets are available in hard-handle, slate, and 2-in-1 laptop models.
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Zebra xslate

R12 Tablets

This rugged, dockable tablet computer has a magnetically magnetically detachable keyboard, Intel Core series processing, full-shift battery power, and hot-swappable battery. 
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Zebra ET5X

ET5X Series Tablets

Rugged enterprise-grade mobile computing housed in a sleek and consumer-style tablet with built-in barcode scanning and all the power to run resource-intensive business apps.
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Zebra ET80

ET80/85 Series Tablets

As workers move from the field to a vehicle to inside a facility, these tablets can instantly transform into a laptop or a full fixed mobile workstation to best meet the needs of the moment. 
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