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Honeywell Mobile Computers


In today’s highly competitive business environment, staying connected to your workforce and data is not just important, it’s imperative. With such a wide variety of industrial mobile computers with built in barcode scanners to choose from, it’s almost impossible to determine what the best brands and models are for your company, without professional help. Honeywell is a trusted manufacturer of mobile computers with built in barcode scanners, plus they offer Operational Intelligence software as an optional feature to really improve productivity. Contact Taylor Data Systems today to find a rugged Honeywell mobile computer that will fit your industrial application needs. 

Honeywell CK65

Honeywell CK65

Can your existing mobile computing device meet the demands of today’s workload?  Today’s technology has exceeded industry expectations with ability to increase worker productivity, reduce fatigue and empower employees across operations.  The CK65 doesn’t disappoint. This rugged, powerful workhorse is designed to streamline workflows and increase accuracy with battery life lasting two full shifts.  Benefits include:

  • Honeywell Mobility Edge (unified platform)
  • Android OS support from O thru R (future-proof)
  • Next gen features larger screen & increased drop spec
  • Successor to the CK3R, CK3X and some CK75 use-cases   

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Honeywell CT60

Honeywell CT40

The Dolphin CT40 is built on the Android™ and Honeywell Mobility Edge platforms. This full-touch device is ideal for light commercial, direct-store delivery (DSD) and even retail applications.  Designed to speed up workflows and improve worker productivity, the CT40 easily integrates with your WMS and works well for order picking, in-store pick-up, delivery and more. This Android-recommended device is designed to be scalable, growing with your enterprise over the long haul.
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Honeywell CT60

Honeywell CT60

Also built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, the Dolphin™ CT60 ensures quick deployment, high reliability and superior performance without compromising security.  This is a rugged device that’s designed to go where you go — inside the four walls or out in the field.  Even though this device packs a powerful punch, you’ll be surprised at the sleek, lightweight form factor — which fits perfectly right in your pocket.  High-speed data capture on both linear and 2D barcodes boosts worker productivity, and is available with an optional pistol-grip to reduce wrist fatigue.
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Honeywell CK3X

Honeywell CN80

The Dolphin CN80 is great for applications where you need a mobile device with a modern, scalable platform for users on the go, with the option of real keys for those who prefer them over a touchscreen for tasks that require heavy data entry.  Honeywell’s CN80 handheld will drive your business to new heights, with the accuracy you need and the speed your business depends on.  This Android™-compatible device is ideal for tough environments and multiple users. 
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Zebra TC8000

Honeywell VM1A Vehicle Mount

To keep forklift operators safe and productive, the ideal situation is to limit the amount of interruption taking place by enabling the forklift driver to access data and applications right from their seat.  Whether it’s in a warehouse or distribution center, a vehicle-mounted computer provides the accessibility needed to perform transactions efficiently throughout the shift.From cold storage applications to multiple shifts in a workday, Thor vehicle-mounted computers are designed with large touchscreen displays, integrated keyboard and power-saving battery life.
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Zebra TC8000

Honeywell RT10 Rugged Tablet

The Honeywell RT10W rugged tablet is designed for rapid user adoption, minimized TCO and optimized device management.  Whether you’re a supervisor or a shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker, the RT10W is ready to fit into your daily workflow.
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Honeywell Operational Intelligence software augments your mobile computers by analyzing data and creating actionable insights to better manage workflows and disruptions. Operation managers in retail, distribution centers, transportation and logistics, and healthcare have utilized Operational Intelligence to improve productivity and monitor critical areas such as mobile device location, printer usage, and network connectivity. Watch the video below and contact Taylor Data Systems to see in Honeywell Operational Intelligence software is a good fit for your company.

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