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Barcode Printer Out of Stock? Taylor Data Systems Can Help

Today’s supply chain issues are affecting most of the data collection market.  Printers are no exception.  With barcode scanners, tablets and handhelds, you can usually find a different model or manufacturer to meet your needs.  Printers are different.  Right?

Understanding Printer Language and Emulation

Printer EmulationPrinters use a different “language” based on the manufacturer.  Zebra printers use ZPL.  Intermec printers use IPL.  Datamax printers use DPL.  Sato printers use SPL.  If you need a Zebra printer and its not in stock, you can usually find a different model Zebra printer to fit your needs.  The problem is that there are almost no Zebra printers in stock.  A Print Emulator might be what you need to keep your business running.  Basically, an emulator allows you to print the same label language, but in a different printer.  These are built into most printers.

Thoroughly tested and proven in the field, SATO’s competitive printer emulations eliminate installation base restrictions and changeover costs. With 4 standard emulations the CL4NX offers plug and play replacement for the competition. Emulations can be directly enabled through the applications menu or selection can be automated with the Autoswitch mode.

The Honeywell PM45 continues a long line of Intermec and Datamax printers.  The PM45 prints Intermec, Datamax and Zebra labels using Autosense.  This means that a PM45 on your network can print all three label formats without software changes.

The emulators do not only apply to the industrial printers, but to desktop and portable printers. 

Contact Taylor Data Systems for Barcode Printing Needs

Taylor Data Systems can assist you by searching inventories at all US based distributors of data collection hardware to determine if the specific model printer you need is in stock.  If not, we can see if there is another configuration of the printer you need (maybe thermal transfer instead of direct thermal).  If that is not an option, we can check other manufacturers to see if there is an option in stock. Contact Taylor Data Systems, Inc today to discuss your printer needs and see if we can help.