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Here’s How You Can Easily Find Missing Zebra Devices

Today, mobile devices are the lifeblood of many businesses. In some cases, mobile devices are so integrated into workflows that jobs can’t really proceed without them. Whether you’re using mobile computers to route a team of delivery drivers, using Wi-Fi enabled wearables to give warehouse workers hands-free access to picking instructions, or using scanner-equipped rugged tablets to track parts as they move through manufacturing, if the devices aren’t in place, the work probably doesn’t get done.

The immediate impact of lost and misplaced devices is bad enough, but the effects snowball from there. First, there’s lost productivity as time is wasted trying to locate a missing device. That usually translates into delayed production or slower deliveries, and those are factors that tend to lead directly to disappointed customers. Then, if the device can’t be found, you must account not only for the direct cost of a replacement, but also for all the IT resources that go into provisioning the new device for use.

Zebra Device Tracker

It all adds up to an excellent argument in favor of Zebra Device Tracker, the cloud-based solution that gives workers, managers, and IT staff real-time visibility into the location and status of Zebra Android mobile devices that your business depends on.

Device Tracker is easy to deploy across a fleet of as many as 100,000 mobile devices and up to 5,000 different locations. Once it’s installed, your team will be able to easily track and monitor devices according to automated workflows. When a device is misplaced, a Geiger-counter-style proximity indicator tells you how near or far you are from it and guides you as you get closer and closer. If you still can’t see the device you’re looking for, Device Tracker can trigger an audible alert to assist in locating it.

But Device Tracker isn’t just reactive. It can be configured with system thresholds that automatically identify devices that are at risk of being lost and proactively flag them for recovery. That means you don’t have to wait for something to actually go missing—and become a drag on productivity—before you act.

Additional Benefits to Zebra Device Tracker

Device Tracker also offers more than tracking. It can also be configured to monitor battery life and alert users or managers before low-power devices impact operations. Plus, Device Tracker can improve accountability with frictionless device check-out and check-in tied to single sign-on (SSO) or even barcodes on employee badges.

In addition to the obvious benefits of locating misplaced devices quickly, Device Tracker will also help you optimize device utilization. Administrators can access historical data and track utilization over time. With this data in hand, they can identify opportunities to improve fleet usage and probably even reduce the need to invest in redundant devices.

Device Tracker Manager

As a cloud-based subscription service, Device Tracker is fully scalable to any size business, with licenses available for terms for one, three or five years.

The Device Tracker value proposition boils down to a few benefits that can have a big impact on your operations:

  • Eliminate the hardware and IT costs of replacing missing devices
  • Ensure consistent device availability for maximum productivity
  • Maximize ROI from your investment in mobile devices

If securing your mobile assets is one of your goals, Taylor Data Systems is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about Zebra Device Tracker.