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Honeywell Announces the Retirement of the PM43 Series Printer

Honeywell PM43 PrinterHoneywell has recently announced that it will be retiring the PM43 series industrial printer. Customers of Taylor Data Systems (TDS) have been served well by this printer. Therefore, there will be a very short period where customers can make replacement orders which will be discussed further in this article in a timeline review. However, with the successful launch of the PM45 industrial printer, Honeywell recommends customers seeking a PM43 replacement transition to the PM45 to enable high level of print performance and technical support.


Enterprises today are facing increasing challenges on production flexibility, inventory turnover, and cost control. The Honeywell PM45 industrial printer offers businesses the flexibility and precision for high-volume printing. The PM45 printer’s track-and-trace functionality is aimed at improving print efficiency and supply chain transparency within a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution center management.

Built on the Honeywell print platform, the durable PM45 printer offers print speeds of up to 14 ips. With print registration of up to +/-0.5 mm, the PM45 printer can ensure high-quality prints for barcodes, texts, and images, even on small electronic components and medical device labels.

The PM45 comes with enhanced WWAN connectivity to enable deployment with minimal limitation from site network topology. The PM45 printer’s versatility allows the user to incorporate USB, parallel, industrial, and applicator interfaces to help address your business needs. To help your transformation to intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management, the PM45 printer supports variable network protocols and multiple print languages to enable easy integration into your system, whether it is cloud-based or on a local server.

With Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software, users can remotely manage and monitor the PM45 printer’s diagnostics and output performance. The PM45 supports a wide range of media – including ink-in and ink-out ribbons with a 1-inch core size – enhancing the time between media resupplies.

The PM45 printer works as a replacement for both existing Honeywell and third-party printers, especially with Honeywell’s firmware platform supporting multiple print languages like Datamax and Zebra. A rugged, all-metal print mechanism, easy printhead and tool-free platen roller replacement helps reduce downtime and maintenance needs. For additional information, please visit the PM45 product page HERE.


Plan – Proactively plan a technology refresh. The earlier you plan, the easier it is to protect your current assets, budget for the future and adopt new technology. Demand and backorders are a reality in today’s world and there is no exception for industrial printer orders. Planning for months in advance is a necessity most will need to consider ensuring operations are not hindered.

Protect – Purchase a service contract that will protect your mission critical assets and your bottom line by providing predictable repair costs, preventative maintenance and updates to software and firmware.

Extend – Extend your current contract and manage your assets to the end of their useful life.


Below is a chart that describes Honeywell’s commitment to servicing the PM43. However, because service is limited, we strongly recommend you speak with your TDS account representative to discuss transitioning to the PM45. 




Last Contract Sale

Honeywell will not accept new contracts after this date

MARCH 31st 2023

Last 5 Year Contract

Honeywell will not accept 5 year contract orders after this date


Last Service Renewal

Honeywell will not accept service contract orders after this date


Last Accessory Support

Honeywell will not sell or service hardware accessories after this date


Last Software Update

Honeywell will not provide any additional update to its voice or

software products after this date


End of Hardware Service

Honeywell will not offer service product under contract, sell spare parts, or provide rentals or hardware maintenance after

this date


End of Software and Technical Support

Honeywell will not offer technical support after this date.



Honeywell will provide technical support and hardware maintenance to the best of its ability on discontinued hardware products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts. Honeywell to the best of its ability will continue to provide software updates on discontinued products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts; however, that support will be contingent on the age of the product. Honeywell will no longer support software feature enhancements or security patches for discontinued products. Honeywell’s ability to service and support units may be disrupted due to component obsolescence beyond Honeywell’s control.

Again, because of this limited-service commitment, TDS strongly recommends customers consider transitioning to the PM45 printer.


Taylor Data Systems (TDS) is committed to providing you with a superior level of customer service. Please contact your TDS account representative for additional information regarding Honeywell PM43 retirement, reorders and limited servicing agreement, or to discuss transitioning to the PM45 industrial printer.

John Garrett, TDS Account Manager – SC, GA, FL, AL
843-656-2084 x 7

Rick Waldron, TDS Account Manager – NC, VA, TN