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Product Review: Honeywell CT60 XP Rugged Mobile Scanner

Users love the rugged and easy to use Honeywell CT60 mobile scanner. It’s a great tool for quickly scanning barcodes at short distances. However, for applications where barcodes aren’t in arms reach, workers need the features and functions of the CT60 but with a longer scan range.

With that in mind, Honeywell delivered. The CT60 XP Mobile Computer is a rugged scanning device that can scan barcodes from a distance of 6 inches and up to 35 feet. Taylor Data Systems Senior Account Manager, John Garrett reviews the CT60 XP with Honeywell Channel Manager Jeff Teague in this short but informative video.

To learn more about rugged mobile scanners and if they are a right fit for your application, contact Taylor Data Systems today. We can help you find solutions that will reduce costs, drive efficiency, and improve the customer experience. Call us at 877-331-7427 or email us at info@taylordata.com.

Download the CT60 XP Datasheet