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Introducing Zebra’s New TC53/TC58 Mobile Computers

Zebra TC53.TC58

If there’s one thing you can count on in the business landscape, it’s that the challenges you face today will be greater that those you faced yesterday, and the challenges you face tomorrow will be even greater. Your customers, suppliers, and workers present a constantly evolving landscape of increasing demand, rising expectations, and evolving capabilities. So, you better have tools that will help you not only keep pace, but actually move ahead.

There’s probably no area where that’s more true than mobile technology. Today, if your enterprise mobility tools are even just a year or two out of date, there’s a good chance that technology is limiting what you can accomplish.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you information about Zebra’s new TC53 and TC58 enterprise mobile computers. They represent a new generation of mobile technology that combines rugged durability and ergonomic design with hardware and software innovations that redefine mobile computing performance and give you access to a new world of capabilities.

Faster Performance, Future-Proof Connectivity

The Wi-Fi only TC53 and Wi-Fi/cellular TC58 both feature a next-generation Qualcomm octa-core processor that delivers up to a 90% boost in mobile performance. The result: apps load faster and respond almost instantly, so your workers spend less time waiting and more time getting essential tasks finished faster than ever.

The blazing-fast CPU is aided by the fastest available wireless connections. The TC53 and the TC58 are the only devices in this class to offer Wi-Fi 6E for optimized performance in even the largest facilities. And the TC58 delivers true 5G support for the fastest possible cellular speeds when workers are in the field, enabling unlimited access to today’s most data hungry applications and next-generation tools like augmented reality applications.

Hardware and Software Innovations

Both the TC53 and the TC58 feature a class-leading 6-inch display that offers significantly more real estate than the 5-inch display available in prior models. That means less scrolling, more doing. And, because Zebra understands the real-world challenges that enterprise mobile computer users face, the multimode capacitive touch screen can be used with a bare or gloved fingertip without changing input modes.

Power management is improved, too, with more battery life from standard- and extended-capacity Li-Ion batteries. The new TC53/TC58 lineup also offers more power options, including wireless charging, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) battery, and a hot-swappable battery mode available on some models.

Of course, the TC53 and TC58 wouldn’t be Zebra devices if they weren’t designed to survive rough handling. With these models, Zebra has used advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to improve durability, including a 20% improvement in drop performance and 2X improvement in tumble testing. Amazingly, they did that while making the devices noticeably thinner than preceding models.

With the TC53/TC58 lineup, Zebra has also introduced some significant new software features. There’s a powerful new mobile dimensioning tool that streamlines shipping workflows by allowing users to measure accurate parcel dimensions and calculate shipping charges with a single button. Retailers will appreciate built-in support for the new generation of payment solutions and the ability to deploy a mobile point of sale in seconds. And both models offer the advanced scanning technology, allowing users to reliably capture barcodes up to 40 feet away.

Whether your workforce needs the latest mobile tools for distribution, logistics, field service, retail, or healthcare, the release of Zebra’s new TC53 and TC58 mobile computers may redefine the way you look at enterprise mobility. Contact Taylor Data Systems to learn more about the ways these powerful next-generation devices can help your organization set a new pace for mobile operations today and in the future.