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Smart Printing Takes You to the Head of the Class

Barcode Label Printer

The race in technology is on to make its way toward understanding how to make tasks less time consuming, taxing and less complicated for the user.  Of course, any manufacturer will tell you they’ve always had the user’s best interests at heart, but in the past, it seemed like it was a 50-50 deal when it came to some of the warehouse automation tools on the market.  For every added feature, there was a compromise.

The worldwide shift to accommodate the needs of an increasingly demanding (and impatient) consumer has led manufacturers to design products that participate in the all-out effort to satisfy those demands.  This means we’re getting more and more devices that are super easy to use, lightweight, offer greater flexibility for multiple users, are simple to deploy and manage, and on goes the list.

The Smart Move to Smart Printing

One of the industry’s greatest inventions has to be the smart printer.  For decades users have been dealing with dumb printers that required various-sized communication cables and complicated computer programs to make them work.  Then when USB came along, we thought it would be a lot easier, only to find three communication connections to concern ourselves with and further tweaks to existing programs.  Of course, that issue soon resolved itself but still we were left with a dumb printer that required time on IT’s part to create and maintain programs that worked reliably.

Smart printers don’t require a separate computing device to get them up and operating because the computer is built right in.  This works ideally for a number of reasons, with the most obvious being the issue of real estate.  Without having to connect the printer to a computer, you can put the device virtually anywhere you want – including a mobile cart – and *poof* you’ve got an instant workstation.

Maintenance & Management

Smart printers also take the hassle out of maintaining and managing each device.  For your IT staff, managing a fleet of devices that may be spread out across the region, or the country, means a lot of users and a lot of headaches.  Smart printers alleviate much of the complexity of supporting these remote devices by allowing IT administrators to monitor, assist and track devices all through a single app.

Honeywell PM43 Mid-Range Industrial Printer

Devices like Honeywell’s PM43 increase efficiencies in the warehouse with features that increase uptime and accelerate and streamline everyday processes.  Advantages include:

  • Fast to deploy, easy to integrate
  • Proven, reliable technology with three generations
  • Class-leading print speeds and outstanding barcode printing quality
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Easy to run apps right inside the printer

Smart. Simple. Superior.

This device is great in harsh, demanding environments like manufacturing, distribution, T&L and more, with functionality that’s ideal for applications like:

  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Picking / Packing
  • Putaway
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Product ID Labeling

If your barcode label printers have been around for a while, chances are they still work pretty darn well.  However, today’s printers are far and away the most advanced and reliable they’ve ever been, making today’s technology a wise choice for next-generation migration.

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