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Why Zebra’s ET5X Rugged Tablets are The Right Choice for Industrial Operations

Today, there are several factors that every warehouse or manufacturing business has to account for if they’re going to keep pace with their competition. These include mounting pressure for faster throughput and a shift in business practices that puts a premium on your ability to handle increased volume of smaller shipments on both the inbound and outbound side of the business.

Modernizing Industrial Operations

Zebra ET5X Rugged TabletAs a result, most savvy leaders are constantly searching for ways to modernize their operations. And one of the most common prescriptions for modernization is technology that streamlines workflows and empowers workers to accomplish more with less time and effort. Some of these technology investments are ‘big picture’ items that require sweeping changes — an entirely new warehouse management system (WMS), wholesale adoption of RFID technology, investments in automated material movement, and other large-scale changes that affect a wide swath of the operation. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are technology investments that don’t require massive changes to deliver a large bottom-line impact.

Tablet computers are a perfect example of a popular technology investment that can deliver widespread productivity improvements across warehouse and distribution operations. Tablet computers add valuable diversity for the mobile workforce and can be utilized as a vehicle mount mobile computer, handheld mobile computer, and a desktop computer. In a recent survey of industry leaders, 66% of respondents indicated that they planned to invest in tablet computers. In fact, tablet computers trail only barcode scanning technology among the investments industry leaders plan to make to boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their operations.

While some enterprises will invest in consumer-grade tablets (a decision most will eventually regret), most look for devices that are engineered to perform under tough conditions. That naturally leads to Zebra’s portfolio of rugged tablets, which are designed for durability and deliver product life cycles far longer than any consumer tablet platform.

Zebra’s ET5X Series Rugged Tablets

Zebra’s ET5X Series Rugged Tablets offer the perfect solution for warehouses and manufacturing operations that need to boost mobility and productivity across a wide variety of applications. The series includes the ET51 models, which offers Wi-Fi connectivity for in-plant usage, and ET56 models, which add cellular connectivity for use in the field. Both models are available in Android or Windows platforms, with options for 8.4-inch and 10.1-inch screens.

The ET5X series is packed with high-performance features, including high-speed wireless connections, a Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen that works even when wet and with gloves, and integrated cameras that streamline many everyday tasks. In addition to the long feature list, there are two top-level reasons that make these the go-to tablets for industrial usage.

The first key to the success of the ET5X Series is durability. Unlike consumer tablets (and even some so-called ‘enterprise’ tablets), Zebra’s ET5X Series is engineered to perform under harsh working conditions. That includes everything from extreme heat, subzero temperatures, and rapid temperature swings to exposure to rain, snow, and dust. They’re also lab-tested to survive drops and tumbles on concrete floors, spills, and even a full-force hose down.

The second key factor that makes the ET5X Series the right choice for warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing applications is flexibility. The platform includes several options that enable a wide range of capabilities, making it easy for you to tailor your tablets to meet your specific challenges. The platform offers an innovative Expansion Back that makes it easy to add accessories, including an enterprise-class barcode scanner, an ergonomic rotating hand-strap, or a hot-swappable battery that delivers uninterrupted around-the-clock power. Plus, any ET51 or ET56 rugged tablet can be paired with a docking station that turns it into a powerful desktop computer to support shipping, receiving and other applications.

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If your manufacturing, warehouse, or logistics operation needs a mobility boost, Zebra’s ET5X tablets may be the smartest technology investment you can make. To learn more Zebra’s complete lineup of rugged tablet options for your business, contact Taylor Data Systems here.