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Zebra DS3600-KD Barcode Scanner: A Complete Overview

Zebra Barcode Scanner DS3600Zebra’s 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series scanners have been one of the best and top-recommended industrial barcode scanners since their debut a few years ago. But one of Zebra’s latest devices in the 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series, the DS3600-KD, is making a big impact by introducing a built-in ergonomic keypad and color display.

With the added versatility and capabilities enabled by the keypad and color display, Zebra has created the most efficient, accurate and complete barcode imager on the market. And it all comes in a virtually indestructible device that scans barcodes at astonishing speeds and in the toughest working environments.

Here’s a quick overview of the DS3600-KD and the unstoppable performance and groundbreaking versatility it delivers.

The World’s First Ultra-Rugged Scanner with a Color Display and Keypad

Manufacturers, warehouses, and other industrial operations are under unrelenting pressure to do more, and to do it faster and more accurately. With labor shortages and supply chain issues making it tough to keep up with demand, every bit of automation, efficiency, and workflow optimization is critical right now.

That was one of the main drivers behind Zebra’s revolutionary introduction of a keypad and color display to its ultra-rugged industrial barcode scanners.

Adding a keypad means that workers can key in data as they scan, such as adding quantities and locations, or they can confirm that contents of a container match an outer label or even add location data during inventory counts.

It’s all possible with Zebra’s new ergonomic and backlit keypad plus its pre-built scanning applications, which come with the DS3600-KD scanner. You can start using these pre-built apps on day one with your ERP or WMS, so there’s no need for custom app development or integration.

The apps are intuitive and easy to use, and there’s virtually no learning curve. If your workers can use a scanner, they can use Zebra’s pre-built apps.

Here’s quick list of each app and what it can do:

Scan and Enter Quantity. Scan an item and then key in the quantity with this quick and simple app.

Scan and Enter Quantity/Location. Scan an item and then key in the quantity and the location, so you not only know how much inventory you have but exactly where it is.

Inventory Scan. Move around the warehouse or manufacturing floor to complete inventory tasks without worrying about losing a connection to the host.

Match Scan. Verify that barcodes listed on the outside of a container match the barcodes on the items inside.

Image Viewer. Preview a captured image before sending it to your host system. Scanning, apps and workflows are further enhanced by Zebra’s new color display, which provides a more modern and easy-to-read experience with auto adjustment of display brightness for easy viewing in any lighting condition.

Enhanced Ruggedness and Drop Specifications

Zebra ultra-rugged scanners have earned their name and reputation for a reason. You will not find a tougher family of scanners on the planet, and the DS3600-KD is no different. In fact, it has the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications of any scanning device in its class. It can survive 10-foot (3 meter) drops to concrete and 7,500 tumbles.

With dual IP65/IP68 sealing, the DS3600-KD is also dust proof, and it can handle the force of jetting water and can be fully submerged in water and keep on scanning. Built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity, the DS3600-KD can be used virtually anywhere, with an operating temperature range of -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C) and a storage temperature range of -40° F to 158° F (-40° C to 70° C).

Multi-Code, Long-Range and Advanced Barcode Capture and Imaging

At its core, the DS3600-KD is an extremely efficient and reliable barcode scanner that captures 1D and 2D barcodes in virtually any condition, even if they’re dirty, damaged, poorly printed, or located under shrink-wrap. Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology captures and decodes it all, as fast as workers can pull the trigger, and from as far away as 7 feet (2.1 meters).

The DS3600-KD also includes Zebra’s Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF), so you can capture up to 20 barcodes with a single scan and transmit only the barcodes you need, in the order your application expects.

There are even flexible feedback modes, which you can mix and match to best fit your environment. Available feedback modes include vibration, wraparound LED lights that you can easily see from any position, a beep tone, and Zebra’s Direct Decode Indicator that projects illumination on the capture barcode.

But the DS3600-KD isn’t just a barcode scanner. It’s an advanced imager that can capture high quality photos for documentation and perform optical character recognition (OCR) and even capture signatures and form fields to automatically parse data and get it into your systems.

With Label Parse+, the DS3600-KD can also instantly capture and parse GS1 label barcode data on items, allowing workers to capture data including expiration dates as well as lot numbers and manufacturing locations.

Superior Cordless Scanning with Extended Battery Life

In addition to all of its outstanding barcode scanning features, the DS3600-KD has a Zebra PowerPrecision+ smart battery that supports more than 60,000 scans on a single charge, for over 16 hours of non-stop scanning. For busy warehouses or production environments where you need uninterrupted scanning for as long as possible, this is a huge differentiator. And Zebra’s smart battery also gives you comprehensive information on the health of every battery and tells you exactly when it’s time to start thinking about replacing an aging battery.

How to Get More Details and Pricing on the DS3600-KD

The DS3600-KD is definitely worth a close look if you need a virtually indestructible barcode scanner that also delivers outstanding scanning performance, battery life, and overall flexibility. But its color display, keypad, and built-in apps can also help you take your workflows to a new level of simplicity and efficiency.

To learn more about this breakthrough scanner and get detailed specs on the DS3600-KD’s ruggedness and other features, download our DS3600-KD spec sheet for more details. And contact our team at Taylor Data to get answers to your questions and request specialized pricing for your business.