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3 Steps for Success: Selecting New Hardware for your Operation

Chances are you know more about your business than anyone outside your organization. But when it comes to the technology that helps drive operations, it can get a little tricky; particularly due to the fast pace at which technology is changing and requirements placed on you by suppliers and customers.

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Side by Side Comparison: RFID & Barcoding

In this blog we’re going to break out the differences between RFID & barcoding technologies and give you an opportunity to think about how each of these methods might benefit you in the warehouse.

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5 Steps to Mobile Business Intelligence

You’ve probably heard the term business intelligence, or operational intelligence, which is a term used to describe real-time data that provides businesses with greater visibility and insight into their operations. Often used by front line workers, as well as IT and Operations staff, this data is used to maximize decision-making and improve business processes.

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Smart Printing with Built-In Barcode Verification

If ever there was an innovation in barcode label printing, this is one that will save many organizations the headaches and expenses that go along with printing poor-quality barcode labels. Honeywell has designed a barcode verifier feature into the PX940 series industrial labels printers to alert users with a pass/fail and ANSI grade from 1 to 4 on printed barcodes. The printer will automatically void and re-print any labels that do not pass.

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How to Get More Value and Business Efficiency from Your Zebra Printers

If you use Zebra barcode printers, you know the value of Zebra’s high-performance hardware. But you may not be aware of how much more value and business efficiency you can get out of your printers with Zebra’s certified printing supplies. In this article, we’ll look at some of Zebra’s core printing supplies products, where they are used for superior labeling and tracking, and how your business can save money and improve overall efficiency.

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Cutting Edge Service & Support

If you haven’t heard about Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, you might be missing out. In a nutshell, Mobility Edge is a unified, dynamic platform on which their next gen devices are built. Here’s why it can put your operations and business at a great advantage:

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Why Android Is Now the Best Choice for Enterprise Mobile Computers

Microsoft’s exit from the enterprise mobile computing market has been a concern for years, and it’s become a harsh reality for many companies with all versions of the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system reaching their end of life. With security and support options ending and only 4% of all new enterprise devices being manufactured with Windows 10 IoT, it’s time for many businesses to rethink their OS strategy.

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4 Things to Consider When Automating Your Warehouse

Are the majority of processes in your warehouse still paper-based? If so, chances are you are working on finding the right time and right way to integrate automation into your warehouse. It’s not as difficult or costly as it may seem, and the truth is the faster you begin incorporating barcode automation into your daily processes, the shorter your return on investment.

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Handheld Scanning: The Next Generation

Controlling workflow efficiency is an effort that requires a combination of tactics for it to be successful. Training, processes and technology are the focus areas, but variability is the one piece that’s more difficult to control. Take poorly printed 1D or 2D barcodes, for example.

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