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3 Tips to Simplify Your OS Migration

With Microsoft exiting the enterprise mobile device market, thousands of companies are now facing the need to switch to a new OS. But migrating to a new OS can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re already busy trying to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. Fortunately, there are a few ways to simplify the transition, and here are the three key tips you should consider:

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RFID or Barcode Technology: Which works best?

The popularity of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is on the rise, and although the set up and operational costs are a bit higher than barcoding, the benefits of RFID in the right environment can yield a very positive return on investment. The first step to determining which technology is right for your business depends on your needs and requirements.

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A faster, easier way to manage mobile devices

If you’re an IT Manager, you totally get it. If you’re not in IT, you probably still get it, but for totally different reasons. The topic is seamless integration of mobile devices, and successful deployment in a world where change is the only constant. For an IT department, anything that can be done to make it a little easier to provision, deploy, track and manage mobile devices on any given day is priceless. In particular, we’re talking about:

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Six Reasons You Should Implement a Clinical Mobility Solution

Healthcare clinics and hospitals are undergoing a major technology transformation, and one of the most strategic improvements is implementing clinical mobility solutions. Mobile technology has revolutionized and mobilized the way we connect and communicate at home and in our communities; similarly, it’s now transforming clinical environments. In this article, we look at the six major reasons why many healthcare providers are implementing mobile technologies and clinical mobile strategies.

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Flexibility for Forklift Operators

With the help of technology, forklift operators have gone from being thought of as material-handling personnel to captains of a mobile information machine that can move about the warehouse equipped with computing power, barcode scanning capabilities, RFID technology and more to streamline workflows and take the complexity out of every day tasks.

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Smart Printing Takes You to the Head of the Class

The race in technology is on to make its way toward understanding how to make tasks less time consuming, taxing and less complicated for the user. Of course, any manufacturer will tell you they’ve always had the user’s best interests at heart, but in the past, it seemed like it was a 50-50 deal when it came to some of the warehouse automation tools on the market. For every added feature, there was a compromise.

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Lowering Your Printing Costs with Zebra’s Free Printhead Replacement

Keeping your printers clean and using quality supplies are two of the best ways to extend the life of your hardware and reduce your long-term printing costs. But even with the best preventive maintenance and printing supplies, your printheads still have a limited lifespan, and each replacement can cost hundreds of dollars or more.

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RFID: Do or Don’t?

We often find that one of the biggest challenges our customers face in the warehouse is the tracking of inventory. For many organizations that operate using a paper-based process, it can be a nightmare. For large-scale operations that produce, distribute or handle millions of dollars of inventory, coming up short can mean hundreds of thousands of lost dollars every year. Although RFID may not be ideal for every organization, it places certain advantages on those that choose the technology wisely.

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Why Certified Label Media Offers Better Barcode Label Output

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make in buying their barcode labels and supplies is to choose the cheapest option. It’s done in the interest of maximizing cost-effectiveness, but the result is often long-term costs that come from resulting printing and scanning issues, particularly when using cheap, low-quality media.

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Advantages of Using an Industrial Touch Computer: Zebra’s TC56

Since the advent of industrial mobile computing, companies have traditionally used rugged, handheld mobile computers with built-in keypads. But the smartphone revolution has led to new industrial touch screen computers with smartphone-style form factors that enable greater mobile productivity. In this article, we take a look at one of the latest industrial touch mobile computers from Zebra Technologies, and the advantages this type of device can bring to the improvement of enterprise workflows.

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